Name of Ethnic Group: Ba Na (To Lo, Gio Lang, Y Lang, Ro Ngao, Krum, Roh, Con Kde, Alacong, Kpangcong and Bo Mon).

Population: More than 136,000 people.

Locality: Kon Tum Province and the western parts of Binh Dinh and Phu Yen Provinces.

Customs and Habits:The Ba Na live in houses built on stilts. In each village, there is a communal house called a rong which stands out due to its height and beauty. According to matrimonial customs, a young man and woman can take the initiative in marriage, and the parents are only involved to ensure the respect of traditional principles. After the birth of the first child, they are allowed to set up their own family environment. The Ba Na venerate the spirits which relate to human beings.

Culture: The Ba Na language belong to the Mon Khmer Group. Their musical instruments are very diversified with various combinations of gong sets, t’rung xylophones, bro, klong put, ko ni, khinh khung, and to tiep trumpets. The aesthetics of the Ba Na are expressed in their unique woodcarvings and extraordinary decorative crafts.

Costumes: The men tend to wear loincloths and the women wear sarongs.

Economy: Their main source of income is slash-and-burn agriculture and the rearing of livestock. Almost every village has forges to make metal products. Women also weave cloth to make their families garments and the men practice basketry and mat-making. The Ba Na often barter goods.

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